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Keto + Microgreens

Microgreens are Keto Friendly. You can incorporate microgreens into your Keto meal plans to get even more vitamins, minerals, & essential micronutrients than you would with standard vegetables. Ounce for ounce, these tiny greens not only pack an incredible nutritional punch, but each variety adds their own unique and powerful flavors.

Healthy Keto Salads! One of the easiest ways to enjoy microgreens is with a salad mix. A salad mix can be used to enhance an existing salad or to create a pure microgreen salad. Check out our store for our microgreen salad mix sold in 2 ounce or 4 ounce containers.

How many carbs in microgreens? Each variety varies a little bit but in general, microgreens are ok to eat on a keto diet. As an example, a 100 g serving of sunflower and basil microgreen mix will provide: 28 calories. 2.2 g of protein. 4.4 g of carbohydrate. FYI, our 2 ounce containers = approximately 57 grams which essentially cuts these numbers in half and giving you only around 2.2g of carbs.

Healthy Keto Smoothies! Enjoy a berry + microgreen smoothie by mixing cantaloupe microgreens, sunflower microgreens, sugar pea microgreens and some frozen berries in water. Although berries have the lowest amount of carbs compared to other fruits, be sure to measure out your berries to ensure you are not exceeding your carb limit for the day. Blackberries are the lowest in carbs. 1 cup of blackberry provides 1.5 g of net carbs and 7 g of sugar. A cup of raspberries provides about 6 g of net carbs and 5 g of sugar. A quarter-cup of strawberry halves provides about 2 g of net carbs and 7 g of sugar. Once you figure out the right ratios for you, create several salad mix bags of berries and microgreens & store in the freezer for future use; making it super easy to make keto smoothies.

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